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Longeval Networks is considered to be one of the fastest-growing companies in India. With this experience, combined with the use of the latest in database and information technology products, we provide a winning solution that maximizes your business throughput and increases business productivity & infrastructure. 

Longeval networks is a Leading IT Solutions Provider –

  • AMC for Complete IT Infra especially CISCO & Juniper. 
  • Rental Services of Network Equipment & Servers.
  • Sale / Purchase of high-end network devices in CISCO & JUNIPER
  • Sale / Purchase of Servers parts, OEM: DELL, HP, IBM
We have an energetic team of over 20 Professionals Specializing in Network Integration, Servers, AV Integration, Communications, Physical & Information Security & Building Management Systems. 
We have one of the best-trained teams in the Industry, providing custom design & Installation services. A hunger to learn and grow is what propels our team to attempt and ever achieve higher goals.
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